Geneva (TEH) – The concentration of climate-damaging greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increased in the first two months of the year.

The World Weather Organization (WMO) reported the data from the observation stations in Hawaii off the west coast of the USA and in Tasmania off the south coast of Australia.

In Mauna Loa, Hawaii, an average concentration of 414.11 ppm was measured in February (ppm stands for: parts per million, parts per million).

In February 2019, it was 411.75. In Cape Grim, Tasmania, the measured average rose in February from 405.66 ppm to 408.3 ppm. The increased CO2 content in the atmosphere increases global warming.

Scientists hardly expect a positive effect from the massive economic downturn due to the global corona crisis. “Experience has shown us that greenhouse gas emissions decrease in the event of economic downturns, but increase sharply in the economic recovery,” said WMO General Secretary Petteri Taalas.

He urged countries to pay particular attention to climate-friendly energy when restarting after the crisis. The consequences of the Covid 19 crisis are bad, but for a limited time. “But if we don’t reduce greenhouse gases and tackle climate change, it will have an impact on the economy, living conditions and ecosystems on land and in the sea for centuries.”

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