A police car drives on the patrol. Photo: Oliver Dietze / TEH / archive picture (Image: TEH) (Photo: Oliver Dietze / TEH / archive picture)

Saarbrucken – In order to comply with the Corona rules, Saarland’s interior minister Klaus Bouillon (CDU) has announced an increased police presence. It is “emphatically” ensured that the rules of the ordinance to combat the corona pandemic are observed. Violations are punished consistently and reported, »said the minister.

Local police departments, with support from the riot police and the operational unit, should “monitor important points in Saarland comprehensively”, and not only at the weekend. According to a catalog of fines that have been in force since last Wednesday, violations of the ordinance in the wake of the corona pandemic “will result in severe fines and even criminal charges””.

For example, someone who leaves their apartment without a valid reason, such as shopping or working, faces a fine of up to 200 euros. Anyone who is in public with more than one person who does not live in the household must face a penalty of up to 200 euros. And anyone who violates the ban on attending a public meeting can expect up to 400 euros.

The state government’s primary goal is to prevent an uncontrolled increase in the number of cases and to maintain an efficient health system, said Bouillon.

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