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People in Rhineland-Palatinate adhere to the ban on contact

Mainz / Kaiserslautern – Despite the sunny weather, police stations in Rhineland-Palatinate initially registered only a few violations of the ban on contact due to the coronavirus on Saturday. A spokesman for the police in Kaiserslautern said that it was also quiet at popular meeting places such as the Johanniskreuz in the Palatinate Forest, which is frequented by motorcyclists. Rescue workers continued to monitor closely – also by helicopter.

“So far everything calm, there are no major violations,” said the police in Mainz. There are queues in front of grocery stores in the cities, but people keep their distance. In the regions of Koblenz, Ludwigshafen, and Trier, things remained quiet at the start of the weekend.

On Friday, the Home Office reminded the restrictions and strict contact rules. Public authorities and police would keep an eye on excursion destinations such as parks, river banks, hiking areas, and sights. As a precaution, parking lots and hiking trails were blocked in many places across the country. Anyone who violates the conditions can be fined in Rhineland-Palatinate with fines of 100 to 25,000 euros for particularly serious violations and in the event of a repeat offense.

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