Israeli soldier killed by a stone

Israeli army spokesman announced, today, Tuesday, that an Israeli soldier was killed while storming the village of Ya`bad in Jenin.

The spokesman said that the soldier, Ben Yigal, 21, was killed after a stone was thrown to his head during the army’s storming and carrying out of arrests in the village of Ya`bad, northwest of Jenin.

And the Israeli website (Walla) stated, today, Tuesday morning, that an Israeli soldier from the Golani Brigade was killed by a stone in the head, during activities of the Israeli army, in the village of Ya`bad, Jenin District.

The site added, that the soldier, Amit Bin Yigal, 21, from Ramat Jan, was killed during an attempt by the army forces to arrest 4 wanted men in the village of Ya`bad, as the residents threw stones at the forces intensively.

According to (Walla), the soldier was transported by military helicopter, to the (Rambam) Hospital in Haifa, and there he was announced dead, indicating the intensity of night confrontations in the West Bank during the month of Ramadan.

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