Svetlana Blagodeteleva-Vovk, co-founder of the anti-plagiarism movement “Disergate”, who exposed to plagiarism by acting Minister of Education Sergei Shkarlet, she said that after that they began to follow her, and she received threats of rape. She stated this during a press conference, adding that she was sent photos of the house, as well as personal photographs that testify to the persecution.

The police, the activist continues, do not see the crime of rape threats, calling it “romantic letters”, and harassment.

According to Blagodeteleva-Vovk, there is a video that shows the likely pursuer and how he approaches the house, takes pictures, and approaches the door of the house with a shovel.

As a reminder, the Ethics Committee of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education admitted that in three works and. about. Head of the Ministry of Education Sergei Shkarlet plagiarism is present… This information was confirmed not only by Ukrainian but also by international experts.

Scientists participating in the Dissergate initiative, which fights plagiarism, pointed to the negative consequences of the appointment of a person who was convicted of plagiarism as Minister of Education and Science. And which thereby discredits this science.

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