Nine were arrested in a large-scale protest against the meeting restrictions, which took place in Copenhagen and Aarhus tonight. Four were arrested in Copenhagen and five in Aarhus. The protest was organized by a group calling itself ‘Men in Black, Denmark’, who announced the group on Facebook.

A reporter for the TV station TV2 on the ground says that about two thousand people have gathered to protest in the center of Copenhagen. About five hundred people had been in the Town Hall Square at the most and listened to speakers who argued at the same time that the coronavirus was a fabrication and that the restrictions on assembly were a gross violation of freedom.

The protests also stretched into the shopping street Strikið, which leads to the square. Protesters carried torches and set some fireworks on fire, as well as threatening the police, who were in their fifties.

Strict meeting restrictions took effect in Denmark shortly before Christmas. All shops except grocery stores are closed, and the same goes for cafes, restaurants, bars, hair salons, art museums, sports halls and so on. The strict rules were initially to apply until 3 January, but were recently extended by at least two weeks.

Earlier this week, the number limit was reduced from ten to five.

It seems to have been the grain that filled the bar with opponents of the rules, but this is the first time that a mass protest against general epidemic rules is being held in the city. However, a small group of professionals has been protesting at Kristjánsborgarhöll for the past few months.

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