While half of Europe is freezing, Greeks are swimming on the beaches
Photo: Agencies

Unusually warm weather for this time of year has lured Greek residents to beaches and parks despite a lockdown in effect due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many took off their T-shirts and rushed to the beaches to sunbathe, and some even took a bath.

Namely, temperatures in Athens reached 23 degrees, and 26 degrees in Crete.

Police patrols headed to the beaches to watch the crowds and make sure to maintain social distance.

Meteorologists point out that in the last 50 years, this situation has been recorded only twice, in 1987 and 2010.

  • It’s not normal. At this time last year it was cold – said Kiriakos Pitoulis (Kyriakos).

The hot air arrived in Greece from Africa, and on Sunday at one point ‘in the sun’ it was recorded as high as 31 degrees. Meteorologists predict that the warm front will last for several days.

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