US decided to introduce plan B to block Nord Stream 2
Photo: Modern Diplomacy

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said yesterday in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt that Kiev expects negotiations on compensation after the start of Nord Stream 2. At the same time, as it became known today, the United States intends to launch Plan B in relation to the project. If earlier they made great efforts to prevent Nord Stream 2 from being built, now they will not interfere with its completion, but promised to block the launch of the project. They intend to put pressure on Berlin, especially on the issue of compensation to Ukraine.

Recall that earlier Washington canceled restrictions for Nord Stream 2 AG, which is implementing the project. However, sanctions continue to operate against a number of companies and courts.

Kiev, in turn, demands a more serious reaction from the United States, claiming that the project threatens the energy security of both Ukraine and Europe. The head of the company “Operator GTS of Ukraine” Sergei Makogon said that “Nord Stream – 2” will deprive Ukraine of five to six billion dollars a year, due to the cessation of Russian gas transit through the Ukrainian territory.

And now the White House is ready to throw all its efforts to slow down the launch of the gas pipeline. They said that the completion of the pipe and commissioning are two different things. In addition, Washington intends to reimburse Ukraine for the loss of transit payments. Close consultations are underway with Germany on this matter.

However, analysts say that Washington has no special ways of pressure on Berlin, and Biden does not intend to spoil relations with Germany.

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