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An Israeli newspaper said that Naftali Bennett had submitted his approval to the Defense Ministry and the Israeli army to proceed with the preparation of a plan to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities and associated infrastructure.

And the Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, published a report written by the famous security and military expert Ron Ben Yishai, known for his links with decision-makers in Israel, who said that there was an “exceptional consensus” between Bennett, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, and Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman regarding these plans, which was something that was Missing during the government of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which prevented him from carrying out military strikes against Iran.

The newspaper said that the budget allocated for the expected operation has been set among the three Israeli institutions at a value of 5 billion Israeli shekels, about 1.7 billion US dollars, for the next 5 years, equivalent to 5 times the previous amount that Israel had set.

Big budget for the army

The Israeli military has allocated a significant increase in its budget, worth billions of dollars so that it can adequately prepare for a possible attack against Iran’s nuclear program.

The request came during preliminary discussions on the budget, which the new government will seek to approve in the coming months, according to the Public Broadcasting Corporation, Wednesday, and published by the “Time of Israel” newspaper.

The radio said that those negotiations took place at a time when Israel began preparing for the possible collapse of the indirect negotiations between the United States and Iran in Vienna, which aim to revive their multilateral nuclear agreement.

According to a separate report by “Channel 12”, Wednesday, the security establishment accused the former prime minister and current opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu of neglecting to adequately prepare for such a scenario.

And unnamed sources in the security establishment claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu did not allocate funds for a military strike, which may be necessary for the coming months if Israel wants to attack Iran before it reaches its nuclear penetration capability.

Such operations require great preparations, and defense officials told Channel 12 that they are concerned that delays in planning could lead to a scenario in which “Israel brandishes a gun with no bullets in it.”

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