Refugees returned to Afghanistan (Photo: Agencies)

Uzbekistan said it had sent home 150 Afghan refugees who had fled the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, according to their wishes.

The Uzbek Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued Friday that the move came after talks with the Taliban, who promised not to persecute those returning to the country.

The ministry said it had contacted the Taliban to obtain “security guarantees for Afghan citizens who crossed the border illegally during those dramatic days” as the Taliban rapidly invaded territories across the country, just weeks before the final US and NATO withdrawal.

On the other hand vice president, Amrullah Saleh is defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan with his 10’000 soldiers. Saleh’s militia has taken control of some strategic locations in Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the whole country.

The statement said the ministry had learned from Afghans returning from Uzbekistan that they were now safe in their homes after “necessary formal procedures”. The ministry did not clarify that.

The ministry said Uzbekistan is now cooperating with countries working to evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan, including the United States, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and others. He adds that the country allowed them to use its airspace and provided the necessary technical and logistical support to help evacuate a total of 1,982 people, reports the AP.

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