The confrontations in the town of Beita in the West Bank established 3 facts

The head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, said on Saturday that the confrontations between the Palestinians and the Israeli army in the town of Beita, in the northern occupied West Bank, have established three facts: “resistance, unity, and identity.”​

This came during a telephone speech given by Haniyeh at the funeral home of the 28-year-old Muhammad Ali Khabisa, who was shot dead by the army during clashes in the northern occupied West Bank, according to a statement issued by the “Hamas” movement.

On Friday, Khabisa succumbed to a live bullet wound to the head fired by Israeli soldiers during clashes near “Jabal Sabih” in the town of Beita, during the army’s dispersal of a march condemning the settlements.

Haniyeh said: “The confrontations of the heroic village of Beta, and the martyrdom of the young man, Muhammad Ali Khabisa, established three facts. The first is that the Palestinian people cannot accept the legitimacy of the occupier on this land, nor the legitimacy of settlement, no matter how much the sacrifices are and no matter how high the cost of the confrontation.”

He added that “the second fact is the unity of the Palestinian people in the trench of confrontation and resistance, and the third is that the resistance is the strategic choice for liberation and the shortest way to expel the occupier, restore our rights, and return the refugees to their occupied lands.”

Haniyeh stressed his movement’s adherence to “this unity and its keenness on it with all the Palestinian factions and its pride in it and in partnership in the field of resistance and confrontation with the occupation.”

He pointed out that “the resistance today is a shield and sword for the people, and it has accumulated its strength in order to achieve the liberation project.”

He explained that “the golden triangle with its three sides of resistance, unity and identity for this land, and what it offers today as Gaza and Jerusalem confirm that there is no future for the occupier on the land of Palestine.”

Haniyeh stressed that “the Palestinian people, in their various locations, are capable of uprooting Israel through their adherence to their unity and resistance.”

The town of “Beta” witnesses almost daily protests, against the establishment of a settlement outpost on private Palestinian lands located on the “Sabih Mountain”.

Although Israelarmy evacuated the settlers from the outpost on July 2, the Palestinians continued their protests, refusing to keep it under Israeli military control, and demanding the return of the lands to their owners.

Every Friday, the Palestinians organize marches against settlements and the separation wall in a number of villages and towns in the West Bank.

Israeli and Palestinian estimates indicate that there are about 650,000 Israelis in West Bank settlements, including occupied Jerusalem, in 164 settlements and 124 outposts.

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