In a heart-wrenching story, a Turkish mother living in the city of Izmir was forced to leave her two children 33 years ago to meet one of them after he had been searching for her since 2007.

Alexander Schleinbecker was two years old when his father left him and his three-year-old sister in front of a mosque in Izmir in 1988 to be transferred to Germany.

In Germany, Schleinbecker lived under the care of a German family that adopted and raised him so that he could return to the bosom of his real mother and be finally reunited with his real family after many years of separation.

Search Journey

Schleinbecker, who lives in Germany, began searching for his real family after learning in 2007 that he had been adopted by a German family as a child, but without finding any trace, he says.

“I learned that I was left in 1988 when I was a two-year-old child with my 3-year-old sister in front of the door of a mosque in Izmir,” Schleinbecker told the media.

“In 2007, I started searching for my family in Turkey without being able to reach any trace,” he adds.

Schlenbecker participated in a Turkish television program as part of his efforts to search for his family and relatives and also published advertisements in a newspaper that might help him reach any of his family members in Turkey.

Through his participation in a television program broadcast by a Turkish channel, Schleinbecker learned, according to what he says, that his mother “lives in Izmir and his father is in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and that he has 19 brothers and sisters.”

Schellinbecker added, “He met his mother for the first time in the Turkish city of Istanbul, where the television program is being prepared.”

He continues, “I traveled with her later, with my wife, children, and brothers, to Izmir, and there I converted to Islam in one of the city’s mosques before returning to Germany.”

German family

Schlenbecker notes that his German family “never told him that he was an adopted son and that he was of Turkish origin, and that his real family was not in Germany but lived in Izmir.”

He explains that he always felt inside him that he was an adopted son, even though the German family that watched his upbringing and care tried not to make him feel that way.

“I searched for my real family on social media for many years, before I came to Izmir in an effort to find my family, but I couldn’t get any results,” Schleinbecker says.

“Recently, I participated in a TV show broadcast in Turkey and thanks to him I was able to reach my family and my real parents,” he adds.

Schleinbecker expresses his great happiness, saying, “Meeting my real family was a dream for me.”

Wedad and Hulia

Schellinbecker notes that his real family told him that his real name was Vedat (a masculine name in Turkey), and that his sister’s name was Hülya.

“It’s great to meet your real family after years, I’m very happy to be able to find them.”

Schlenbecker points out that he has not yet decided whether he will return to Turkey, due to his work ties in Germany, expressing his intention to “visit his family on a regular basis.”

Family Tragedy

For her part, Schleinbecker’s mother, Fatima Korhan (58 years), told media that she “married her first husband, who is currently residing in Ankara, and gave him the right to custody of Wedad and Hulya after they separated.”

“I learned years later that the father of the two children left them at the door of a mosque in Izmir,” she continues.

Corhan points out that “she left custody of her two children to their father because of her parents’ insistence on that.”

He added, “After granting custody of the two children to their father, I went back to my father’s house (..) I did not know at the time that he would leave them in front of a mosque.”

And Cohan continues, “I thought he would take care of them like any father, but I later learned that the two children had been taken to Germany (…) I cried a lot when I learned what had happened.”

Sad mother

Korhan points out that her daughter, Hulia, stuck to her dress when she handed it over with her brother, Wedad, to their father, pointing to those very difficult moments that never left her memory.

Korhan asserts, that she was so happy she did not believe at first that her son, Wedad (Schleinbecker) was looking for her in an attempt to reach her.

She says, “At that time I cried a lot and immediately looked at the TV (..) I couldn’t believe it at first and was very surprised.”

“When I embraced my son Wedad, I felt that I had been given a new life,” Korhan continues.

The grieving mother expressed her hope “that her daughter, Hulia, will also meet,” adding: “I do not want anything from life except to embrace her and Wedad and to smell their scent.”

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