The head of the Iraqi Military Industrialization Authority, Muhammad Al-Daraji, said on Wednesday that his country will establish lines for the production of weapons and military equipment, in cooperation with Turkey.

Al-Daraji told The Eastern Herald, that “the General Authority for Military Industries (governmental) is working to establish lines for the production of light equipment and military airships for security purposes, after agreement with the Turkish side in this regard.”

He added that “productive lines will be established through investment, and include the transfer of Turkish technology to Iraqi production lines, and manufacturing will be with local hands for the purpose of building a military industry inside the country, providing security forces with equipment and reducing the import process.”

And he added: “The Military Industrialization Authority seeks to achieve self-sufficiency for all types of weapons and military industries, especially after witnessing the opening of a number of production lines during the last period.”

Before 2003, Iraq was producing various types of medium, light and heavy weapons, and various equipment, under the supervision of the Military Industrialization Authority, which was abolished during the US invasion of the country.

In September 2019, Iraq began the first steps to restore the military industry, after Parliament approved a law to revive the authority.

And last August, Iraqi Defense Minister Juma Inad held talks in Turkey regarding the signing of three contracts to import drones, attack helicopters and air defenses.

Iraq and Turkey are two neighboring countries, which have closely related political, economic and trade relations.

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