General view of Tajrish square in Iran's capital Tehran. (Photo by STRINGER / AFP)

The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center stated that an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 shook southern Iran and was felt by residents of the United Arab Emirates, on Sunday, while there were no reports of damage.

According to the center, a site located 59 km northwest of the city of Bandar Abbas, overlooking the Gulf and located in the south of the country, was the source of the earthquake.

There has been no information yet on human or material losses as a result of the earthquake, which was felt by residents in the neighboring United Arab Emirates.

The stations of the National Seismological Network in the Emirates recorded the earthquake’s strength at 6.2, in southern Iran, at 16:07.

While the monitoring center adjusted the earthquake’s strength to 6.5 from 6.1.

The stations of the national network in the Emirates said that the earthquake was “perceived in the north and east of the country and has no effect.”

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