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About us

The Eastern Herald is India’s first international news journal that started publishing news online in the year 2009. We bring news from around the world. TEH network consists of more than 200 reporters/writers/contributors from around the globe.

The Eastern Herald‘s main objective is to promote free speech, democracy, and advocate the rights of minorities worldwide. We are the only news journal in India that defends the rights of any minority worldwide; religious, social, cultural, ethnic, tribal, or any. Moreover, this news journal is the platform for promoting interfaith harmony and confronting the culture of hatred. We are inviting people of every faith to write for us.

Read Eastern Herald and please introduce us to others. We seek your active cooperation to emerge as a prominent global voice of minorities.

Risk groups:

  • Ahmadiyya Muslims (Worldwide)
  • Sikhs (not in India)
  • Hindus (not in India, Burma, Nepal, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka)
  • Shincheonji Christians (Worldwide)
  • Jarava Tribes (India)
  • Christians (in Middle-Eastern Nations)
  • Baháʼí (Worldwide)
  • Jews (not in Israel)
  • Zoroastrians (Worldwide)
  • Yazidis (Worldwide)
  • Livonians (Latvia)
  • Nukak Tribes (Columbia)


Bringing News and Opinions

We collect and publish news and opinions from around the globe. All the opinions or news coverage published on The Eastern Herald go through many layers of scrutiny and editorial processes. Diplomacy, Politics, Economy, Health, Education, and Policy are some of our focuses worldwide. 

Promoting democracy & freedom of speech

We believe in the Right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech hence promote free journalism. We believe in democracy in its true sense which dictates not only to take care of the majority but also minorities and protect the rights of every citizen. The Eastern Herald believes that it is the duty of the state to protect its citizens irrespective of their religion, faith, ethnicity, caste, color, or creed.

Our Vision

To encourage free speech to protect the rights of the citizens of any nation around the world is our vision. We encourage people to write and spread awareness about different aspects of different issues which are not always discussed, and some facts that are a heretic to any specific religion, society, or region. Our motto is to become the most reliable news and opinion sharing platform in the world promoting Free SpeechClick here to contact us.

Funding Source

The Eastern Herald is not funded by any organization, community, political party, country, or group of any kind. Due to our editorial policies and anti-radical content policies, we do not generally get advertisements from local advertisers. The platform runs purely on public donations. Facing such financial constraints and challenges, The Eastern Herald has been continuing publication simply because of the firm determination of its editor and the team.


Project Galileo

The Eastern Herald is an active participant in Project Galileo. This project is an initiative by Cloudflare armored to combat cyber attacks launched against important yet vulnerable targets like artistic groups, humanitarian organizations, civil society, journalism, or democracy.

Synthia Rozario

News Correspondent & Writer

Email: [email protected]

Amanda Graham

News Correspondent & Writer

Email: [email protected]

Dilnaz Shaikh

News Correspondent & Writer

Email: [email protected]