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BTP: deconstruct rather than demolish

Each year in France, the building produces 46 million tonnes of waste. In comparison, households produce 30 million tonnes. Costs, constraints, lack of infrastructure: building waste...
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With the end of Fessenheim, the future of nuclear electricity in question

Reactor 1 of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant is to be shut down overnight from Friday to Saturday. It will be the first of a...
Climate change Greta Thunberg files complaint on behalf of children e1582202819173

Climate change: Greta Thunberg files complaint on behalf of children

Greta Thunberg and fifteen children decided to go beyond speeches and calls to protest. This Monday, September 23, they filed a complaint against five countries,...
Australia Bush Fire Horrific View Jungle e1582135161727

Forest fires reportedly affected 75% of Australians

Conducted by the Australian National University, this survey shows the human scale of these fires that burned for five months, killing more than 30...
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Locusts attack South Sudan after Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia

South Sudan, like many countries in East Africa, is facing an invasion of locusts. These foraging insects pose a threat to crops in a country...
5.5 Magnitude earthquake shock in Southern Iran

5.5 Magnitude earthquake shock in Southern Iran

A moderate earthquake struck southern Iran on Sunday afternoon, with no immediate reports from local authorities or media. According to the United States Institute of...
Indonesia Merapi volcano spits a large plume of smoke

Indonesia: Merapi volcano spits a large plume of smoke

JAKARTA | One of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, Merapi, erupted on Thursday and spat out incandescent lava and smoke that formed a large...
Snow to start the week e1582043210779

Snow to start the week

QUEBEC | A low-pressure system coming from the south of the United States will bring precipitation over all of Quebec in the coming days....
Guilbeault credibility is at stake

Guilbeault’s credibility is at stake

Steven Guilbeault's first steps on the federal stage took the form of long Stations of the Cross. His office overrun by young environmentalists on Friday,...