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Saudi Arabia expects a deficit of $ 22.7 billion in the 2021 budget

On Thursday, the Saudi Ministry of Finance expected that its budget deficit for the current year would reach 85 billion riyals ($22.7 billion). According to...
Tunisia's public debt has reached a critical stage

Tunisia’s public debt reaches a critical stage

The country is experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis, exacerbated by the health crisis Public debt did not exceed 43% of GDP in 2009, to rise...

US Senate passes budget resolution, approves $3.5 trillion budget bill

The US Senate on Wednesday morning passed a $3.5 trillion draft budget that would dramatically increase social spending with major investments in health, education,...

Despite the rise in oil prices, Bahrain needs a “Gulf rescue” and financial reforms

Despite the recent rise in oil prices, Bahrain, the "weakest link" of the wealthy GCC economies, still needs a rescue, according to Bloomberg. Bahrain needs...

Report: Raisi’s economic plan in Iran is unrealistic and difficult to achieve

A report by the Atlantic Council, a think tank in Washington, confirmed that the biggest challenge that the new Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, will...
Boris Johnson investigated for overspending on Downing Street remodeling

Boris Johnson investigated for overspending on Downing Street remodelling

The body that oversees UK political finance reported that it launched a formal investigation into the costly remodelling of the Prime Minister's Downing Street...
President Biden returns Obamacare, signs orders to expand health care

President Biden returns Obamacare, signs orders to expand health care

U.S. President Joe Biden today took initial steps to expand health care and reverse some of his predecessor Trump’s policies. President Biden signed today the...
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Trump’s refusal to sign bill threatens devastating consequences

President-elect Biden demanded that incumbent President Trump immediately sign a bill on an economic aid package to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic....

Trump’s Veto – Trump refuses to sign a law on defense spending

The outgoing US President Donald Trump exercised his veto power today when he refused to sign a law on defense spending. The law was...
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4 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer for Wrongful Deaths

It may be impossible to believe that the third-leading cause of death in the US is a medical error, but it's true. If you have lost...