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Guterres identifies 3 key elements to the success of the Glasgow Climate Change Conference

On Monday, the Secretary-General of the United Nations identified 3 essential elements for the success of the work of the 26th session of the...

Climate change threatens the Gulf .. “unbearable heat” and efforts to survive

Samir rides his motorbike under the sun in Dubai, where temperatures in summer can reach 45 degrees Celsius. In the Gulf region known for...

Global potable water problems

Of course, water is needed for everyone’s life in the world – be it a member of Homo sapiens or any other species. Without...
climate change-safer world

Climate change: can the world be made safer?

In the last month, a virtual meeting, called Leaders Summit on Climate, was held among the world’s seventeen largest economies and greenhouse gas emitters....
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Deniers put a climate report on the Trump administration’s final meters

Two scientists who reject the scientific understanding of climate change have been tasked with directing the US government's most comprehensive climate report in the...
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Disaster area again in danger due to hurricane Jota

Hurricane Jota grew rapidly in the Caribbean today and has now become a fifth-degree hurricane. It now appears to be heading for a disaster...
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World Concern: Two large icebergs in Antarctica have completely melted

The larger Santa had an area of ​​almost 5 square kilometers, and the smaller one almost 2 square kilometers, and since 1959 they have...
Alert for the super "Tiger Mosquito", capable of transmitting 22 types of viruses. America, Argentina, Asia, Climate Change, Coronavirus, COVID, Egypt, Europe, Epidemic, Fever, France, Global warming, Italy, Greece, Pandemic, Spain, Zika, World, Virus, Aedes albopictus, Mosquito, Insect, Aedes aegypti, Dengue,

Alert for the super “Tiger Mosquito”, capable of transmitting 22 types of viruses

Aedes albopictus, popularly known as the “tiger mosquito”, was again the center of concern in some countries of the world after the species appeared...
Psychologist, Ms. Van Bronswijk, about fear of crisis: "fear, grief, anger are normal"

Psychologist, Ms. Van Bronswijk, about fear of crisis: “fear, grief, anger are normal”

Ms. Van Bronswijk, you are actually concerned with the question of how the climate crisis affects our mental health. But now we are in...
labour union verdi and fridays for future struggle for climate

Labour union, Verdi and Fridays for Future struggle for Climate

What a clever move: At the upcoming Verdi collective bargaining round for public transport workers, the union is for the first time combining their...