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Bennett promises to Tehran: We will convey a special message to Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett confirmed, on Sunday, that his country will convey a special message to Iran, following the recent attack on an...

The Israeli Foreign Minister to France on the impact of the “Pegasus” spying scandal

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz will travel to France on Wednesday to discuss the repercussions of the scandal linked to the "Pegasus" spyware program...

Israeli newspaper leaks Israel’s plan to strike Iran nuclear

An Israeli newspaper said that Naftali Bennett had submitted his approval to the Defense Ministry and the Israeli army to proceed with the preparation...

Israel..Bennett directs Jews to continue regular visits to the Temple Mount

A spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, said on Sunday, that the Prime Minister held a session to assess the situation on...

Naftali Bennett wins the confidence of the Knesset as Prime Minister of Israel, succeeding...

On Sunday evening, the Israeli parliament granted its confidence to the new government coalition headed by the far-right leader Naftali Bennett, who will succeed...
ISRAEL-POLITICS-KNESSET-A "historic day" .. Israel is about to bid farewell to "King Bibi"

A “historic day” .. Israel is about to bid farewell to “King Bibi”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will end his duties on Sunday, after 12 continuous years in power, to move to the opposition, after members...

“Do not leave the ground scorched.” Bennett advises Netanyahu and fears serious violence

The public security services fear the outbreak of "violence and riots" during the granting of confidence to the new Israeli government, which for the...