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20 years after the invasion, Afghanistan’s situation returns to its starting point

On a cold night on October 7, 2001, the American forces invaded Afghanistan, with the aim of eliminating the "Al-Qaeda" organization, arresting its leader,...

Afghanistan’s Face of Resistance Against Taliban: Amrullah Saleh

At a moment when Afghanistan needed its leaders the most, President Ashraf Ghani very conveniently sighting the danger on his life, fled away from...

After 20 years, the Taliban defend bin Laden and al-Qaeda

In the context of its attempts to provide reassurances to the international community, the Taliban returned to talk about the period of Osama bin...
Sudan..Darfur governor calls for normalization with Israel-africa-news-eastern-herald

Sudan.. Darfur governor calls for normalization with Israel

The governor of Sudan's Darfur region, Minni Arko Minnawi, believes that establishing normal relations with Israel is a natural thing, and that this does...

Biden defends withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden defended the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, stressing that the fall of the country to the Taliban...

Biden: We are committed to ensuring the safety of Afghan translators

US President Joe Biden announced Thursday that the United States of America will secure Afghan interpreters who worked with US forces to leave the...
It became known who prompted bin Laden to plan the September 11 terrorist attack

It became known who prompted bin Laden to plan the September 11 terrorist attack

The resources of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, banned in Russia, published their "corporate" magazine, where they told who came up with the plan of...