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climate change-safer world

Climate change: can the world be made safer?

In the last month, a virtual meeting, called Leaders Summit on Climate, was held among the world’s seventeen largest economies and greenhouse gas emitters....
lost in the woods

Poem – Lost In The Woods

I'm lost in the woods Of your friendship, Surrounded by love and care, Away from every hardship. We are like those two trees Grown side by side, I see them...
Madrid hasn’t had this much snow since 1963, look at what the city looks like

Madrid hasn’t had this much snow since 1963, look at what the city looks...

Spain is in chaos. Philomena's snowstorm covered the earth. The Spanish capital Madrid and most of the neighboring region of Castilla-La Mancha are on high alert...
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Disaster area again in danger due to hurricane Jota

Hurricane Jota grew rapidly in the Caribbean today and has now become a fifth-degree hurricane. It now appears to be heading for a disaster...
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In Jujuy, Argentina, forest fires have already devastated more than 11 thousand hectares

The fire does not give truce in the Yungas of Jujuy. Sunday marked a month since the fire started, although on Friday the outlook...
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Thousands of people in Louisiana, United States, leave their homes due to Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta, with winds exceeding 150 kilometers per hour, impacted the state of Louisiana, in the United States and thousands of people living on...
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Hurricane Delta will wreak havoc in Mexico and then head for the United States

Hurricane Delta is now heading for the coast of Mexico and will make landfall in the United States later this week. Delta is a...
climate change hare and tortoise disaster

“Nature” the Tortoise, Hare “the blind race of development”

For decades humanity is undermining the power of nature by claiming to regenerate it through mere schemes. India stands on 77th in the sustainability...
hurricane in virgin islands puerto rico usa

Meteorologist predict a hurricane season with great intensity in the US coastal regions

Amid a historic pandemic adds another concern: Meteorologists from different parts of the world forecast that the 2020 hurricane season will record cyclonic activity...